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Adjust to Students

When teaching a variety of classes, you can get the sense that using a one size fits all approach can be very ineffective. Teachers can address various needs of different classes and students by providing differentiated instruction. For example, a Bridge 4pm class will be very different from a Bridge 7pm class, so the preparation and approach for these classes should be done differently.


Students can tell a poorly planned class from a mile away and once they realize the teacher isn’t putting in the effort, neither will they. Make sure that when planning for a class, think ahead of time about what to cover, and what not to cover before the class begins and not on the spot.


Remember that your main goal of the class is to meet the objectives of the class, not to strictly follow the methodology. Some components are noted as minor and major for a reason, the media cards are there to supplement your class, so make wise choices to maintain your time management. You must balance what you want to emphasize in your class while meeting all of the class’s objectives, and making the content appropriate for your specific classes.

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