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At Chungdahm, an instructor's class quality score is comprised of two components:















This site contains techniques that help to increase scores in each of the two main components. Student Management is comprised of five different categories, while Learning Management is comprised of six. Each of these categories contain two (mostly) observable techniques that can be used in the classroom. They have been ordered in a combination of what we feel is the most critical to learn quickly but simple to achieve at the top, and what we feel is difficult to achieve at the bottom.

























Although the techniques can be done by just reading the directions, it is recommended to read the rationale and watch the video demonstration as well. It is also recommended that you focus on mastering one technique at a time.

Student Management

Learning Management

Establish Order

Build Rapport

Control Behavior

Foster Peer to Peer

Be Inclusive




Manage Time

Elicit Prior Knowledge

Make Connections

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