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Change the Pace

There are two perspectives to think about when utilizing change the pace, the instructor’s perspective and the student’s perspective. Instructors should be striving to focus on spending the most time on components that they feel students need the most help with. Students on the other hand, want to spend the most time on components that they feel are the most engaging or fun for them. It is your job to balance these two motivations for being in the classroom, and change the pace is a great tool to use to do so.


Change the pace carries with it a powerful potential to energize the classroom. Pacing simply means creating the illusion of speed by using a variety of techniques to accomplish your objective. Changing the format of the work and how it is approached can improve student engagement. For instance, an instructor may struggle to get student interest when going through a component that requires repetition such as Annotate. Brainstorm different ways to approach the component every week, within the same day, or even bi-weekly so the objectives are still met, but how you accomplish the objective caters more to the students.

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